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Mestre Ombrinho Capoeira Angola Quintal Roanoke
Mestre Ombrinho Capoeira Angola Quintal Roanoke Berimbau

The founder and leader of Capoeira Angola Quintal is Michael Goldstein, also known as Mestre Ombrinho. With over three decades practicing Capoeira and over 30 years experience teaching, beginning at two high schools in the Bronx in 1988, he is the first non-Brazilian to become a mestre of Capoeira. The mission of his work and organization is to inspire achievement, leadership, and community through Capoeira classes, workshops, and performances. He is renowned for making Capoeira accessible to people of all ages and abilities. 

Mestre Ombrinho began studying Capoeira in 1981 with Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Jelon, the two world-recognized mestres who brought Capoeira to the United States. He made his first trip to Brazil in 1985, where he trained with many legendary mestres, young and old. Having trained many Capoeira styles including Regional, emphasizing fighting aspects, and Angola, Mestre Ombrinho was drawn to the more grounded, internal style of Capoeira Angola.

Today he leads an international movement towards creating a Mindful Capoeira practice.

Mestre Ombrinho is a disciple of Norival Moreira de Oliveira, also known as Mestre Nô, of Bahia, Brazil. Mestre Nô, known as the Master of Masters, has been practicing and teaching for over 60 years. Mestre Ombrinho received his master’s diploma in 1996 under the authority of Mestre Nô.

Mestre Ombrinho has been teaching in the New York City area since 1988. He has organized international Capoeira festivals and retreats in New York City, Ithaca, San Francisco, Cape Cod, Roanoke, Charlotte, Boston, and Bahia, Brazil. He has graduated many practitioners and instructors, both women and men. He speaks fluent Portuguese and leads international encounters at Capoeira centers throughout Brazil.

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