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What Is Capoeira?

Capoeira is internationally popular with women, men, and children, as an exciting and fulfilling way to stay fit. Capoeira is a blend of dance, self-defense, acrobatics, and music. It is one of the most complete workouts and fitness programs that develops strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, rhythm, agility, reflexes, endurance, and so much more. Capoeira develops the mind, body, and spirit, and gets more enjoyable the longer one practices.


Created by enslaved Africans in Brazil, Capoeira is a self-defense disguised as a dance. Influenced by a blend of dances from diverse African cultures, Capoeira was practiced as a hidden, playful game, to fool the masters of the enslaved.


We practice a style of Capoeira called Mindful Capoeira, learned, practiced, and developed by Mestre Ombrinho. Our policy is zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero upsets.

Mindful Capoeira

The following points distinguish Mindful Capoeira from other Capoeira practices.


Mindful Capoeira:

  • Is a way to learn and practice Capoeira that promotes longevity and a lifelong practice

  • Emphasizes use and mastery of Capoeira's basic movements

  • Develops intelligence over speed and force

  • Emphasizes cooperation over competition

  • Promotes proper technique and control over violence

    • Uncontrolled technique and violence are not permitted

  • Promotes learning from the wisdom of the elder masters

  • Is accessible to people of all ages and abilities

  • Builds a supportive and inclusive community

  • Celebrates freedom and diversity

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